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Is Del Easton For ME?
Del Easton is an alternative school not an alternative to school. Del Easton Alternative School does not follow the format of a traditional school. Using a combination of independent and teacher directed coursework, Del Easton provides students with an alternative means of completing courses needed to obtain a high school diploma.

Students must attend a minimum of 2 ½ hours a day. Students work at their own pace on independent course work. If needed, teachers are available for assistance. Attendance is recorded on a time card using a time clock.

Del Easton provides the opportunity to succeed but enrollment is not for everyone. Success depends on the individual student and the effort he/she chooses to make while attending Del Easton. To be successful in Del Easton students need to:
be a self starter
be self motivated
be self disciplined
be responsible for their education
be a good time manager.

To be considered for admission the students must be a resident of Williston Public School District #1 be between the ages of 16 and up to 21 years of age
complete all required paperwork
be approved by admissions committee

About Del Easton

about 1 year ago

After 37 years of experience in education, Del Easton still dreams of bettering the education system in Williston, and having the WPSD #1 establish an alternative is the fulfillment of one of his dreams. Mr. Easton has been a teacher, a principal, and a superintendent. His career has moved from Rugby to Bottineau and finally to Williston where he spent 22 years as the WHS principal and four years as Williston Schools superintendent. After retiring in 1992, he volunteered to direct the school district’s foundation—the Coyote Foundation—which has awarded thousands of dollars to Williston graduates and schools.

Admission Requirements

about 1 year ago

To be considered for admission to Del Easton Alternative School, a student must meet all of the following criteria:

1. Be a resident of WPSD #1

2. Be from 16 and up to 21 years old

3. Complete all required paperwork

4. Be approved by the Admissions Committee

For more information, contact

Jason Germundson at Williston High School,

572-0967 ext. 1205.

Del Easton Staff
Audrey Larson, Principal
701.572.0967 ext. 1204

Claudette Neether, Instructor